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Published: Tuesday, 24 May 2016


The Resilient Computing Lab (RCL - University of Florence) is home to a very international collaboration environment in these days (news at the RCL page). Several researchers are visiting the UNIFI in the context of DEVASSES and the CECRIS projects, creating the opportunity to a set of cross-projects seminars.


Lucas Leal is a MSc student at the University of Campinas (UNICAMP), being supervised by Prof. Eliane Martins (UNICAMP) and Andrea Ceccarelli (UNIFI). He will stay in Florence for a three-months secondment to work in the DEVASSES project, which started in April. During his secondment he will work on "Model-Based Online Testing for Dynamic SOA". These seminars were the perfect opportunity for Lucas to present the initial idea of the work and to discuss the topic with other researchers. It was also important to receive feedback from the remaining visitors.


Beáta Hergovics and Máté Tóth are testing engineers from Prolan Co. in Budapest, Hungary, and are currently visiting UNIFI for a short period to work on the CECRIS project. Prolan Co. develops central railway traffic supervisory and traffic dispatch control systems, and thus, it is interested in Verification, Validation and Certification techniques for this kind of critical system.


Prof. Henrique Madeira, from the University of Coimbra was also participating in the workshop. Henrique is visiting UNIFI in these days and he is lecturing a series of seminars on "Design of Experiments for Resilience Assessment and Benchmarking". The goal is to use real data from concrete resilience/dependability assessment experiments, particularly raw data from fault injection experiments, to provide a comprehensive set of examples on how to design and perform correct experiments. The course is covering basic concepts on fault injection for dependability and resilience assessment, steps of designing an experiment, how to perform correct measurements, and hypothesis testing.